Lab of the year 2018


NHS: We take great pride in our NHS dentures, they are the foundation on which Leca was built, synonymous with quality materials & an accurate fit each appliance is created and then evaluated by a managing GDC registered technician.

Private: Our private dentures are where our technicians really get the chance to display their skills, with a multitude of options when it come to finishes and details we have seperated it into some simple categories:

Standard private: A high quality acrylic denture finished with beautiful Enigma life teeth, additional extras include contour & stipple and composite staining.

Ivobase: The Ivobase denture is an injection moulded high impact acrylic denture, this means that as it is manufactured in such a precise way that it creates a more accurate fit, meaning less chairtime and chairside adjustments

Commitment to Quality

At Leca we are dedicated to producing top quality products and providing excellent customer care. Our membership with the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS) provides a framework for an effective quality management system, and gives our customers complete confidence in the quality of products and service we provide.


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