When Leca Dental was founded in 2002, the vision was always to grow the business through quality and service. By 2018 Leca had established itself as the number one player in the Scottish dental market, innovative leaders in technology and with a business built around our core values of customer service and quality. During 2018 the directors of the business discussed the next steps and how we could capitalise on our market position and transition to becoming one of the UK’s market leading dental laboratories.  

In late 2018 we met with the team from ALS (Amalgamated Laboratory Solutions). They outlined where they believed the dental market was going and their vision for the dental laboratory sector. The Leca team were very excited by this plan and shared the same objectives. In November 2019 we were delighted to complete a deal to join forces with ALS. Our vision to become the market leading dental laboratory solution provider is underpinned by the following key strategies: 

  1. Identify “best in class“ laboratories to join ALS and build a cohesive national network that can support both independent surgeries and larger dental groups with a comprehensive range of products and services. 
  2. Have a clear and identifiable product roadmap that is aligned with current and future market requirements. 
  3. Build a next generation technology platform that connects our laboratories and customers, ensuring our clients have immediate access to their specific requirements.  
  4. Have a clear investment plan that supports the latest technical advancements and process improvements to ensure we are at the cutting edge of efficiency and technology. 
  5. Work closely with all our staff ensuring that people development and organisation development is centre stage and underpins our future business success. 
  6. Establish clear organisational goals and objectives which are communicated across the entire business ensuring our vision is agreed and understood by all.  

Over the last few months Leca and ALS have worked closely together. ALS have invested significantly in our laboratory and we now boast one of the most advanced and efficient digital dental suites within the UK. We have ambitious plans to develop the laboratory further and ALS are supporting our ongoing capital investment requirements. We are launching a range of new products and have continued to strengthen our teams including hiring Kenny Burns as our Finance Director in April 2020. 

We believe the future is very positive for the sector. ALS and Leca are building the foundations to become the primary dental laboratory player within the UK. We are actively working on future acquisitions and are always on the lookout for forward thinking laboratories to join our network.