Investing in End-to-End Digital Solutions


From intra-oral scanning, CAD/CAM manufacturing to 3D printing – technological innovation continues to influence the dental world, driving changes to the way that dentists and labs work together. At Leca we are completely devoted to embracing the latest technologies – continually aspiring to enhance our customers experiences.

With lots of planning and investment, our lab facility, where we have been based for the past 10 years has undergone a remarkable upgrade, and our investment into technology has played a significant part of this. As our technological capabilities continue to grow, we have taken steps to transform our operation into a single end-to-end workflow, enabling us to significantly reduce time in the manufacturing process, all whilst producing perfectly accurate dental appliances.

While many labs today will most likely operate with some form of CAD/CAM equipment, some are really hitting the ground running with the more cutting edge technologies, significantly changing the way they operate. For us we recognised that no single system itself offers a full solution, but each plays it’s own important part to the delivery of an end-to-end integrated workflow.

Investing in new technology offers exciting opportunities and is one of the best ways to expand your operation – but as with any new investment, it’s vital to make sure the workforce is skilled to make the most of what’s available. These things don’t work by themselves and that’s why we have embarked on a training and development plan to drive us forward on our digital road.

Our well-established digital set up means our capabilities allow us to connect with all the latest scanning technologies like TRIOS and Carestream Dental, and the benefit of in house CAD/CAM milling has meant speedy production and delivery of products – however one thing was missing…

3D Printing is one of the fastest growing technologies across many industries, so it came as no surprise for this to be gaining popularity in the dental world. After years of use for rapid prototyping, it’s advances now make it firmly at the heart of completing the digital process, and with the benefits it’s clear to see why.

3D printing takes all the benefits of the pre digital design work through to the actual production of products. By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, productivity and precision is increased across a huge range of dental products.

3D printing really seals the deal for a laboratory to be fully invested in the digital workflow, and we are pleased that since integrating our 3D printing operation into our lab, our end-to-end digital service is already providing huge benefits to 2 of our largest customers, with many more following.

These technologies have opened the industry up to new ways of working, allowing labs, dentists and patients to have access to a large range of appliances, with faster results than ever before and we are excited to be right there at the forefront of it.

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