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At Leca Dental we invite dental labs across the UK to take advantage of our full service capabilities. Our team of highly skilled technicians and our use of state of the art technology let's us produce the best products, in a quick turnaround to smaller dental labs across the UK. We fully understand your need for top quality dental appliances, and offer every product you would need at a competitive price, to fulfill every order.

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Leca Dental is a laboratory
to unbeatable personal service

  • Capacity

    Our large facility means we can service your requirements all year round, and offer support when you are faced with any capacity constraints.

  • Technical expertise

    We have experienced dedicated technical experts across all product categories, always on hand to talk through all your specific requirements.

  • Digital data

    We use the latest digital technologies to deliver precise, cost effective products, and start working as soon as we receive your digital impressions.

  • Local manufacturing

    We manufacture our products locally, which means you get faster delivery and there is no need to subcontract any of your orders.